Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fairy Doll Swap

Last year (I know. I have a lot of catching up to do.) I had the privilege of participating in my aunt Missy's Luck of the Fae fairy swap. We were to make a fairy doll, a wand, and something sparkley. So here they are...

This is Airelise of Finwood. She loves to dance in the morning sun light, converse with the butterflies, and eats only cakes and dew.

This was a fun one. It's more of a fairy plant then a wand.

This one I had to think about... something sparkley... mirrors are shiny...dew covered spiderwebs...jewelry...combine all three and voila, a spiderweb pendant! I decorated the box and got the fairies ;) to write a descriptive scroll for it and Airelise.

I loved making them all. I miss my fairy but I also love the one I got back from Crow Haven Farm.


  1. Oh my gosh Lucy! I never did see what you made for that swap. your creations take my breath away :)

    <3 Missy

  2. Love your fairy, and your enchanting blog. Keep up the imagination.