Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A New Dress From an Old Book

At her picnic Charlotte was wearing a new dress and it has a story, so here it is... my Oma, great grandma, is also an artist.For many years she has inspired me and many others. She loves to sew and has tons of patterns. A few months ago she gave us a binder full of doll clothes patterns!

The dress Charlotte liked was for a ten inch doll so I had to shrink it but other than that it was perfect. Using silk and french lace I started to sew and found out that sewing things that tiny is REALLY hard, but also that I am better at it than I thought I would be.

It turned out wonderful and I learned a lot. I think could sew any thing after that. I also sewed a vest for her husband, it is way too hot here in Arizona to go around wearing a corduroy coat.

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