Tuesday, July 21, 2015

New Blog!

Well its about time I had my own website and with that comes a new blog. Good bye Blogger! You have served me well! Who knows maybe someday I will return... 
NEW WEBSITE!! www.lucyerb.com 
My sweet husband made it for me. He is working on becoming a web developer so what better place to start. I think we will make a great team. 
When you go to the new site there will be an about me page at the home. In the bar on the top you can go to a gallery of my work, a contact form and my new blog! 
If you want to see my finished fancy photographed works go to the gallery, but if you want to know what makes them so special, the nitty-gritty stories and work that went in to each one, the how to and whats that work the magic, go to the blog. 

Here is a sneak peak at whats going on over there. 

See you there! 

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